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The Marx Brothers.

This sculpt is based on a plaster lamp base I once owned.  I found photos on line and sculpted it as a 'totem pole' exercise along with my students, who were sculpting their totem pole designs from another class.

Another Cert course exercise.

The delightful Hugh Laurie.  This was a demonstration in class of sculpting a portrait.

ZBrush exploration

I took up ZBrush in order to teach it as part of the animation and concept art courses at Tafe. I do not profess to being a ZBrush expert or specialist.  I do confess to a strong passion for sculpture, one that I discovered in high school, and was somewhat impractical in my itinerant life.  

The examples are projects I worked on in class, alongside my students, as well as projects done for personal development as part of the ZBrush Workshops run by Ryan Kingslien.

Baby T-Rex - a character pose exercise done while doing the ZBrush Cert course.  The goggles were done exploring the brand-new Modeller features.

ZBrush Cert course exercise - a quick dynamic maquette pose.  I unleashed my inner dancer.

This is a ZBrush replica of a maquette I sculpted while working at Disney Australia.  It is a model of Ariel's daughter Melody.  The studio made several acrylic casts from my original Super Sculpey model for the animators to use as reference.